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We do not change the Word, the Word changes us!

Working a Horse in the Round Pen in Ten Steps, similarities to God working with us:                                               by Paul Daily

No. 1: The calling. Matthew 4:21; Mark 1:20; Mark 10:21; Luke 5:27

 We have selected this horse to begin training to become more useful in the future. God calls man to be more useful to Him.

No. 2: The expectation. Luke 5:10

 The horse is not expected to be more than what it is, an untrained horse. God does not expect to us to do or be more than we are capable of.

No. 3: Trust. Matthew 29:30; Luke 5:4

 In order to train the horse it is necessary for the horse to trust. God created horses to flee from danger. He trainer must be careful not to threaten or harm the horse. God also wants a trust relationship with us. He loves us more than we can imagine and does not want to harm us.

No. 4: Desire to please. John 3:30

 Paul Daily wants the horse to work because the horse wants to, not because it's being forced to. God wants us to serve Him and love Him because we want to.

No. 5: Demands full attention. Matthew 6:21; Matthew 14:31

 Paul will ask for the horse's full attention so that they will be able to work together. God wants our full attention so other things will not distract us.

No. 6: Seeks understanding. John 14:6

Paul Daily wants the horse to understand what he is asking of him. He tries to present his wishes in a way that the horse will understand. God wants us to seek His will and His way.

No. 7: Learn to accept the truth. John 15:5

 Paul Daily wants the horse to know that he is his friend and will help him. Paul will work closely with the horse as he learns this. We must learn that we cannot make it in this world without God's help. And if we are willing, God will teach us His ways.

No. 8: Trials and troubles. John 16:33; 1 John 5:4-5

 During the training the horse is exposed to all kinds of new things like ropes, blankets and saddles, to help him learn to cope and work things out. God prepares us for our tomorrows by helping us through our trials and troubles today.

No. 9: Accept, not rebel. Luke 16:1-13

 Paul takes the horse through this step by making the right thing easy and the wrong things difficult. God rewards us for our obedience and chastises us for our wrongs.

No. 10: Full release. John 3:16, 18a, 36

 Finally, the horse accepts everything! Paul has him bridled and saddled and is riding him. We must release all, our life of sin, and accept God as our guiding hand and take God's free gift of eternal life with Him.

  August 2020  
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